Facebook just revealed some pretty huge news about its Messenger app


Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users every month, the social media company has revealed.

The huge milestone makes Facebook Messenger one of the most popular apps in the world and comes just two years after it was separated from the main Facebook app, that also now boasts more than 1.5 billion users per month.

“We’re grateful for all the people who are sending billions of messages every day and we hope to send 1 billion thank yous in the form of a new floating balloon gift that everyone can use to celebrate. Just send a balloon emoji to your friends to add a touch of whimsy and delight to any conversation”, Facebook said in a statement.

To send the balloon emoji, just open Messenger on your smartphone and send the emoji. The person you sent it to will then see a stream of balloons fly across their screen.

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Reaching the milestone of one billion users makes Messenger among the top three apps in the world, the other two being Facebook and the Facebook owned Whatsapp.

Facebook Messenger

“We know that every message is important to you — no matter what you want to say — and our team is committed to building experiences you love and to making all the interactions in your life easier no matter who you are communicating with,” Facebook added.

The news comes as Facebook is about to launch a number of updates to its Messenger app to help continue its growth.

Among the updates is a Snapchat style secret conversation feature with messages that self destruct after a certain period of time and which can only be read by a specific person.

In June, Facebook also unveiled a new layout for Messenger, with the contact you connect with the most pushed to the front and displayed under a new tab called ‘Favourites’.

Facebook Messenger is also now capable of displaying your SMS messages, meaning that you no longer have to switch between apps and can keep all your conversations in one place.



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