Facebook launches new list feature so users can share more personal content


In their latest attempt to create meaningful conversations, Facebook is adding a new feature called Lists that will be available through the normal status update.

The new feature allows users to create customisable lists and post them to their news feed was launched on Tuesday. Facebook will display the list in a neat and tidy colour image.

This is the first notable update of the year and is part of the new Facebook strategy to get more users to share more personal content as opposed to the normal flood of click bait, news articles and viral videos.

Posting the lists is relatively simple.

Once you install the new update you can open the list function by tapping the ‘what’s on your mind’ then you will see ‘List’ under the ‘Photo/Video’ option.

They are many options of list available including the standard numbered or bulleted to more artistic choices, adding colour and emoji’s etc.

Image: TechCrunch

The new Facebook feature allows friends to copy one another’s lists and offer their own thoughts on the list through the comments and rankings section. Facebook hopes with this extra interactivity to encourage constructive conversations.

Lists along with the other new features being created and applied are designed to promote “meaningful connections between people rather than passive consumption of content,” Facebook said about the new feature.

If this new feature is received as well as a similar feature did on the long forgotten Myspace and early inceptions of Facebook then Mark Zuckerberg may achieve his goal of not only getting them to allocate more time to Facebook but also to stimulate better interactions among friends.

At the time of this article the new list feature is only available on Android powered devices, for users of the iPhone they able to view other lists but cannot make their own any yet.

Source: TechCrunch


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