Facebook malware: Think twice before opening that notification


Facebook users are being warned about a new piece of malware that is spreading across the social network.

Security researchers have found that hackers are able to trick users into clicking on notifications which contain malicious links.

The malware works by sending users a notification that they have been tagged in a comment by one of their Facebook friends.

The user then clicks the link and the malware automatically begins to download to their device.

Users are then tricked into installing the malware by clicking on files and images which then executes the installation of the malware.

It is very difficult for users to know that the notification is malicious, which is why the malware has been so effective in infecting people’s computers.

According to tech site HackRead, the problem is linked to a bug in Google Chrome with the malware disguising itself as a Chrome extension.

People think the spoof Chrome extension is legitimate and therefore try and install it on their device.

Other browsers such as FireFox and Safari are not thought to be affected.

This isn’t the only issue to affect Google Chrome recently.

Earlier this week, hackers managed to find a flaw in the browser which allowed users to download movies and TV shows from Netflix.

Google have said it is aware of the problem and its staff are “examining it closely”.

This new Facebook malware comes just days after the company, along with Apple warned users not to open any emails which claim to be from either company following reports that spoof emails had been sent to users in order to try and trick them into handing over login details to their accounts.


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