Facebook May Partner with Vox and Vice to Develop Exclusive Video Content


Rumor has it Facebook is partnering with Vox, Vice and The Onion to develop a new project called “Anthology”. Reportedly, the social network giant is reaching out to several media firms in hopes of getting them to produce short videos to be published directly to Facebook.

Facebook’s push into creating original video content is an attempt to make more money from video ads. The company hopes that if higher quality videos appear in newsfeeds, users will be more comfortable with seeing advertisements.

Along with its content partners, Facebook will try to get advertisers on board to sponsor the videos in the coming weeks. If all goes well, the new sponsored videos may start appearing in newsfeeds later this year. The company already has a few deals in place with Verizon and the NFL.

Over the past year, video sharing has grown exponentially on Facebook. Video postings per person increased 94% over the year, according to Facebook’s statistics. The numbers also show that 50% of Americans watch at least one video per day on Facebook. Clearly, there’s a market for Facebook’s alleged Anthology plan.

If the rumors are true, Anthology is another indication that the social network is getting serious about video. Facebook’s new efforts may put even more pressure on YouTube as the number of videos posted to Facebook overtook YouTube for the first time in history in November.


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