Facebook Messenger is about to start showing you more ads


It appears that Facebook users are once again likely to be bombarded with even more ads, this time via Facebook Messenger as the social network plans to use sponsored messages to target users.

Messenger has over one billion active users around the world so is not surprisingly a huge target for companies and advertisers.

It is believed that he next step will for Messenger’s chatbots to send automated messages to users.

The new move means that ads will now be visible in Messenger as well as on users’ News Feeds.

Many companies have already set up chatbots that can start sending sponsored messages so it is realistic to think that we may start being bombarded by more advertising in as little as just a few days.

Luckily, there are ways of avoiding the messages, but this will depend on how you have used Messenger in the past.

Chatbots will only be able to send messages to people that you have messaged in the past to request information.

Several companies including Absolut Vodka and Domino’s Pizza have been trying out the feature which aims to encourage users to engage with them on Facebook. Absolut’s Messenger bot was a drive to promote product samples.

This latest news follows on from Facebook recently launching an online exchange for buying and selling goods via the site.

The new Marketplace got off to a bad start however as it began offering lots of illegal items that swamped the site!

Messenger Lite is also expected to be stripped back so that it will work in markets with a slower internet speed.


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