Facebook Messenger now lets you send money to friends


Just one month after the service launched in New York, Facebook Messenger payments are now available to everyone in the US, although there’s no word yet when a global roll-out will happen.

Anyone using Messenger can make person to person payments by adding their debit card information, and any money that you send will go to the recipients bank account.

Send money via Facebook Messenger

Facebook claims that the service is secure, so if you’re always owing people money, Facebook Messenger payments might be the most convenient way to pay them back…

When it launched, it was initially available only in New York. The feature included dollar amounts with links that when tapped automatically start a payment (though senders can confirm the payment before it’s actioned). You can also pay friends within a group chat, and people in the conversation are then able to see who has sent money and what amount.

Nowadays of course mobile payments are included in a bunch of apps and services. For example Snapchat has a similar scheme and Gmail users in the UK have been able to pay each other since January. These services seem to be competing with services like Paypal (and the newer Apple Pay). If you owe someone money there are now more ways than ever to pay them back.

Since just about everyone uses Facebook Messenger, it’s one of the more high profile options – first time users just need to setup their debit card and enter a PIN.

Facebook says there are “layers of software and hardware protection that meet the highest industry standards”. Thankfully too, if you are using Facebook Messenger on iOS then you can use Touch ID to verify your identity.

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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