Facebook Messenger to add “send money” feature


In several months, Facebook will roll out person-to-person money transfers in its Messenger apps for iOS, Android, and the web, the social network giant said on Tuesday.

Facebook Messenger to launch mobile payments

To make a payment via Messenger, users will just need to tap the new dollar sign button, enter the amount, and then select Pay. To send or receive cash, it’s necessary to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank to your Facebook account.

It’s not clear when (or if) the service will roll out internationally – presumably, after a successful trial period, it will be available everywhere.

Once you’ve added credit cards to Facebook, you can also add a custom PIN, and use two-factor authentication as another layer of security. Apple users will be able to use their fingerprint (as new Apple mobile devices have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built-in) instead of a PIN.

Facebook Messenger Payments

Facebook says the new payment systems are kept in a “secured environment that is separate from other parts of the Facebook network,” and subject to extra monitoring. This includes an anti-fraud team that will look for suspicious transfers.

Apparently, it may also take one to three days for cash to become available, once you have sent to a friend. Facebook Messenger isn’t actually the first chat service to provide payments between its users – Snapchat already has a similar feature called Snapcash.

Would you send money using Facebook? Do you trust the company to keep your personal data secure and private? Let us know in the comments below…

SOURCE: Facebook


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