Facebook no longer allows some users to delete posts


Facebook is making it more difficult for users to delete posts and remove updates from the site.

On Friday, scores of users took to social media to claim they could no longer delete posts when using Facebook on desktop.

Users said that when they clicked on the menu button in the top right of a post, the Delete option was no longer there, with only Save post, Edit post, Turn off notifications for this post and Show in tab being displayed.

The removal of the Delete option was then picked up Matt Navara from tech site The Next Web who also seemed to confirm that the option to Delete had indeed been removed.

There have been a number of suggestions for the reasons why some users can no longer delete posts. Some have claimed that it due to a temporary glitch, while others claim it only affects certain posts.

We tested this out on a number of different posts and the Delete option was still displayed. However, on a couple of videos the option was not offered by Facebook and we were left with no option to remove the video should we have wanted to.

However, the option to delete posts was still working on Android and iOS.

Facebook hasn’t yet commented on the situation.

It could be that Facebook has removed the option as a test to try and gauge user feedback – although a temporary bug seems more likely.

H/T The Inquirer


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