Facebook Plans to Turn Messenger Into a Platform: Announcement at F8 Developer Conference


Facebook will be holding their F8 Developer Conference next week. The social media giant plans to announce new ways for developers to utilize the Messenger app. The company plans to turn Messenger into a platform much like what WeChat offers.

Initial reports indicate that Facebook will be experimenting with ways that third-party developers can interact with Messenger specifically with content and information. The company will be working with select partners to find ways to open their platform to all developers with the utmost in spam controls in place.

The goal of the platform will be to allow apps to be installed alongside the Messenger experience. For example, an image editing app may be installed that will allow users to alter their photos before posting them through Messenger. It’s a way to breathe life into the current app and allow for a customized platform.

All of the additions are mere speculation at this point.

Facebook can also follow the footsteps of WeChat, which allows users to not only message friends, but make purchases through the app. This would allow Uber to offer scheduling through the app, and users would never have to leave the conversation with their friends.

Expect more news when the conference is underway next week.


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