Facebook reinvents one of its oldest features


Can you remember when Facebook was first launched?

There was nothing better than getting a ‘poke’ from friends and it seems Facebook agrees as they are planning on bring out some similar features.

The social media giant is bringing in five ‘Greetings’ as an alternative way to say hello, The Next Web reported.

Just launched this past week, Facebookers now will be able to wave, high-five, hug, wink or just poke each other.

Facebook have added the greetings feature to mark 10 years of the famous ‘poke’, which was one of the original features when Facebook first launched.

Back in those days, if you wanted to poke someone you could press a button but the neglected art of poking has now gone upmarket.

In order to send someone one of the new greetings on desktop you need to go their profile and hover over the ‘hello’ button. From a mobile, hold down on ‘hello’ and you can choose one of the new greetings.

Facebook has chosen Thailand as one of the test countries, along with the Australia, Canada, Columbia and the UK.

However, it’s likely the new feature will be rolled out across the rest of the world in the coming months.

The news comes after Facebook announced it would also add a selection of free music and effects that content creators can add to their videos.

If you create a video and post it, Facebook’s new Sound Collection will let you add music to it which doesn’t infringe on copyright.

Normally, Facebook will remove a video and can even block a profile if a video upload contains copyrighted content.

Now the selection of music offered by Facebook is all content that it owns the copyright for and is letting its users add to their Facebook and Instagram videos.

Facebook says the new Sound Collection has 1,000 songs and 1,500 sound effects to choose from.


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