Facebook testing online payments for Pages in Thailand


Facebook is reportedly trailing a new way for users to pay for products on some of Thailand’s biggest ecommerce Pages.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook has teamed up with online payments company 2C2P and is using their service called Qwik to enable users to pay for products using credit cards, debit cards and online bank transfers.

Facebook already offers users the ability to send payments to others via its Messenger app but as of yet, there is no option to pay Pages directly.

According to TechCrunch’s Jon Russell some of Thailand’s biggest pages are trialing the new service, whereby users click on a link to purchase a product and are then taken to a new site where they enter their payment details.

Russell said that he had seen screenshots of the service but was unable to share due to non disclosure agreements.

It is also believed that Facebook will extend the trial to other countries in Southeast Asia.

If Facebook ever offers the option to make payments, it would of course become a major revenue generator for the company.

The fact that this is being trialled in Thailand and Southeast Asia is also significant.

There is an estimated 37 million Facebook users in Thailand, 241 million in Southeast Asia and more than 500 million throughout the rest of Asia.

Where Facebook has started to see growth flatline and even decline in parts of the west, the Asia Pacific is Facebook’s largest region.


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  1. FB is really the last cy. that I would ever trust with my credit cards details , No! No! I do not even trusted FB to know my real name, let alonge my financeial details