Facebook is the most influential brand in Thailand


Facebook is apparently the most influential brand in Thailand. That’s according to a new survey that seems to indicate that Thais are becoming more associated and closer to information technology.

The survey was by Ipsos, which also lists the top ten most influential brands in Thailand – a list that also includes tech giants such as  Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and YouTube.

Bangkok is the capital of Facebook

The managing director of Ipsos Thailand, Jerome Hervio, said that “Bangkok is the capital city of the world for Facebook, and Facebook is our most influential brand, with its 30 million users. The digital revolution is unstoppable and permeates the consumer mindset”.

The study has been run in more than 20 countries in 2015. This year is the first time that Thailand has been included in the survey.

Here’s the list of the country’s top 10 most influential brands:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. 7-Eleven
  4. Apple
  5. Microsoft
  6. YouTube
  7. Samsung
  8. Tesco Lotus
  9. VISA
  10. DTAC

Eight of the top 10 brands are considered technology and IT companies, with only 7-Eleven and Tesco Lotus being the oddballs in the list. It would be interesting to see what the list looked like a five, or perhaps even ten years ago. It’s also a surprise that Line doesn’t feature in the list, given the popularity of the social media and messaging app in Thailand…

Source: Ipsos.


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