Facebook updates it’s On This Day feature – here’s what you need to know


The popular On this Day feature on Facebook is set for a few changes, the company has revealed.

Instead of just recaps of a single day it will now offer monthly or seasonal memories which can then be shared with friends in their News Feed.

The social network already offers celebratory milestones which congratulate users on making a notable number of friends or if they have received a large number of likes and shares of their posts.

Facebook has said that it plans to launch more milestones that will come with accompanying messages that can once again be shared with Facebook friends.

Image: Facebook

The company said in a statement: “People come to Facebook to experience, share and talk about some of the most important moments happening in their lives, communities and around the world. Many of these moments are reminiscing past memories and moments between friends. 

“We’ve launched a new experience that packages your recent memories in a delightful way for you to enjoy and share. For related recent memories, we will bundle them into a monthly or seasonal memory recap story. Like On This Day, these memory recap stories will show up in News Feed and are shareable”.

Other smaller tweaks will also be added including making controls and preferences easier to access along with launching the recaps service to all users.

The company also plans to deliver content that is “the most relevant and enjoyable” to its users, filtering out negative memories in the process. 

In the latest Facebook updates the company has also made 360-degree photos available to users of the iOS app, made the “Safety Check” a permanent feature, organised non-profit fundraisers for users’ birthdays and made additional tweaks to the News Feed. All are intended to enhance the users’ experience.


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