Facebook to update News Feed based on how long you read articles


For many people, Facebook‘s News Feed is the one place where they go to find out friends’ activities and updates, as well as finding all the latest news about things they’re interested in.

But now, Facebook is looking to refine the endless stream of posts that it shows on your News Feed, by considering the time you spend looking at posts.

Facebook optimises News Feed based on attention span

Researchers from the company found that in some cases, a person could be interested in a post even if they didn’t comment on, like or share the story. Sometimes people also want to read about current events or articles, without wanting to directly interact with it.

It’s not really hard to imagine how this works. You might see something in your News Feed about a political view that’s the antithesis of your own, which of course could prompt you to read it out of curiosity, even though you’ve not shared or liked the post.

This has some limitations though, as Facebook says that sometimes people spend ten seconds reading something because they were interested, or it could just be because they’re on a really slow connection and that’s how long it takes to load. The new algorithm will apparently take into account how the viewing times compare to other posts by the same user.

The change will be completed in a few weeks, but it’s already begun rolling out. If you’re an admin for a company Page, Facebook says that the overall distribution of posts won’t be affected much by the update.

SOURCE: The Next Web.


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