Facebook users warned about Jessica Alba sex tape scam


Security experts are warning Facebook users not to click on a link that claims to give them access to naked photos of Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba.

Scammers are using the link as way of tricking users into downloading malware onto their device.

The malware then hijacks the victim’s web browser and starts displaying aggressive ads for adult sites and fake lotteries in a bid to generate fraudulent ad revenue for the criminals behind the scam.

The malware was discovered by cyber security firm Cyren, who say the malware is spreading quickly throughout the ever popular social network.

Jessica Alba scam Facebook

Image: Cyren

Cyren also says that anyone who accesses Facebook using Google Chrome are most at risk as the malware tricks them into downloading a fake Chrome extension.

When the victim clicks on the original malicious link, they are taken to fake site which has been designed to look similar to YouTube. However, when they click on the Play icon, the fake extension is installed onto their browser.

Once the extension is installed the browser then redirects the victim to the Facebook login page. If they enter their login details, the extension is then able to access their Friend’s list and send private messages using Facebook Messenger.

The news comes just weeks after hackers used a similar scam to target users on Facebook Messenger.

This scam also tricked people into clicking on a malicious link from a private message, which then resulted in a fake Chrome extension being installed that was used to harvest personal data such as passwords to online accounts and banking information.

Previously Facebook had said: “We maintain a number of automated systems to help stop harmful links and files from appearing on Facebook, and we are already blocking these ones from our platform”.


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