Facebook wants your News Feed to be even more personal with ‘What Friends Are Talking About’ feature


Facebook is testing a new feature that could help your News Feed become even more personal.

The feature, called ‘What Friends Are Talking About’ collects key conversations from your friends and groups them together in special section at the top of your News Feed.

The feature may include posts about a special event or occasion or even a news story, photo or video that many of your friends have shared or commented on.

The ‘What Friends Are Talking About’ feature is now being tested and has been made available to some Android users, Mashable reported.

Facebook What Friends are Talking About

Image: Mashable

Testing the new feature is the latest attempt by the social media giant to make Facebook more personal for its users, after a report released in April revealed that people are sharing less on the site.

In June, Facebook announced that it was making changes to its News Feed algorithm so that users would see more posts from friends and family and less from companies or news organisations.

Following the change, a number of leading news sites in the US such as CNN, New York Times and Washington Post reported a double digit decline in traffic from Facebook desktop.

In August, Facebook also announced it was updating its Trending Topics feature after it was criticised for biased reporting.

However, the new system, which saw human editors replaced with an algorithm backfired spectacularly when fake news stories started appearing in people’s news feed.

Also in August, Facebook announced a new crackdown on clickbait in further efforts to improve the news feeds for its users.



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