Facebook will soon include end to end encryption, with a catch


Facebook may follow Whatsapp’s lead with the tech giant rumoured to be about to add end to end encryption to its Messenger app.

There is however a downside, if you do opt into the service then you will lose some of the apps more impressive features.

The update comes into full effect in the summer and will give users the option of choosing between privacy and smart AI.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK reports that the feature is likely to be similar to Google’s Allo’s Incognito Mode, which allows users to switch to encryption manually.

Many, including Edward Snowden have said that this level of protection is not sufficient. Google countered this by say that it was required for some of the app’s smarter features such as Allo which can scan incoming photos or messages and generate a quick reply for you when encryption is turned off.

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When you compare this to Apple’s iMessage service which offers total end to end encryption automatically whilst WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, recently introduced encryption by default also.

It appears the moves by Facebook will be close to Google’s approach. It is felt that opt-in encryption will make many users happy although those who feel lack of privacy impacts on human rights might not agree.

The Guardian is speculating that Facebook’s version may be rolled out in the next few months but as yet nothing has been confirmed.


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