Facebook will start deleting some of your photos unless you download another app


Facebook is about to start deleting some of the photos on your account as it attempts to make users download yet another app.

The photos in question are stored in a folder that most users probably don’t even know exists.

Starting July 7th, Facebook will delete all photos in the “Synced” or “Synced from Phone” folders of your Facebook account.

The reason is to try and push users to download its ‘Moments’ app.

The “Synced from Phone” feature was originally launched in 2012 but many users do not know about the feature and almost certainly do not know that it access all of their private photos.

The feature allows users to automatically sync all of the images taken on their phones direct to their Facebook account.

Syncing made it easier for people to share their photos on their Facebook profile as it meant images did not need to manually uploaded.

Get Moments warning

However, if you want to access these photos after July 7, you will need to download the Facebook Moments app or download the photos directly to your computer before deadline.

You can download the synced photos by clicking on a photo you want to download and selecting ‘options’ at in the bottom corner of the image and then choosing ‘download’.

The Moments app isn’t actually new and was launched over a year ago. One of the features of the app is that it scans the faces of those in the images and identifies them with your Facebook friends. It also enables Facebook users to group images by a particular event which can then be shared among a group of friends.

Facebook will put more emphasis on its Moments app, which is why the synced photos feature is being phased out.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced users will no longer be able to send messages when using the site in a mobile browser, forcing people to download its Messenger app.

Facebook said using Messenger gives users the ‘best experience’. However, critics described the move as aggressive and sighted privacy concerns and impact on battery performance as reasons not to download the app.


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