Facebook is down worldwide


It is being reported that Facebook is currently down worldwide.

A search on site Downdetector also confirms that the Facebook site is experiencing problems.

We are so far unable to confirm if this is a minor technical glitch or something more.

It 2014, it was reported that authorities in Thailand had blocked access to Facebook, although a spokesman for the National Council for Peace and Order said that the NCPO has blocked some politically-oriented pages on Facebook, but not access to the entire system.

Facebook is down UPDATE 1:

The Next Web is reporting that Facebook and Instagram are currently experiencing technical problems.

Whilst CNN says Tinder is also down.

We’ll bring you more info on this as soon as we get it.


Whilst global productivity surges, Twitter users continue to see the funny side…


Reports from Twitter says Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility for taking Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Snapchat offline.


Well it looks like you can all go back to playing Candycrush as it seems Facebook is back online, or at least it is in Thailand.



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  3. I’ve been working on computers all day and I haven’t noticed any problem.

    Oh, wait. I don’t use Facebook.

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  5. Mr. Blackheart on

    Great. You’ve spent your entire life getting really, really good at pointless vandalism.

    Yeah, and I can level a building with the flick of my thumb over a lighter.

    Doesn’t make me special until I have a good reason for doing it.