Facebook’s creepy new Discover People feature wants to introduce you to total strangers


Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Discover People, designed to encourage users to find dates, make friends and connect with complete strangers.

It works by showing the profiles of people who will be attending upcoming events, colleagues as well as people nearby.

If you tap the Discover People feature the user is asked to introduce themselves and below will appear groups of people attending events that he user has shown an interest in both professionally and on a personal level. Users can then view the profiles of other users.

According to TechCrunch, Discover People is not available to all users but is starting to be rolled out on iOS.

Facebook discover people

Image: TechCrunch

If you are one of the lucky people to have the feature you can start to update your bio and ‘About’ section with Facebook’s guidance.

Users can then view events, attendees and who has visited what previously. This means that you can connect with people who you may have missed at the actual event.

A trial run of the feature was launched last year in Australia and New Zealand but the social network giant is now making it available to all users.

“Too often, it’s hard to learn more about people around you, whether it is upon starting a new job, joining a new group, deciding if you want to attend an event, or moving to a new place,” a spokesperson for Facebook said.

“To make it easier, we’re starting to roll out a new bookmark in the More menu called ‘Discover People’ that can help you discover more about people you have things in common with by browsing through profile cards of people in your community.”


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