Facebook’s Riff Lets You Make Collaborative Videos with Friends


Facebook is giving you a whole new way to have fun with friends. The social network just launched a new creative tool called Riff, which lets you create collaborative videos with friends. The new app launched yesterday worldwide on Android and iOS.

Facebook’s collaborative app is the latest project from Facebook Creative Labs, and was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

With Riff, you can shoot up to 20 seconds of video. Add a title and tell your friends what to add. Maybe you’re making a birthday wishes video, or asking your friends to share their funniest faces. Once the video is uploaded, friends will see it on Riff and get a notification asking them to contribute with their own clip.

But if you’re going to play the Riff game, you have to know the rules. Here are a few things you should know:

  • You can’t upload videos to the app, you have to shoot them in Riff. The app gives you a short 3-2-1 countdown before it starts recording. You can approve your clip before it posts, but you can’t edit it.
  • You can’t comment or like Riff videos.
  • You can tap to fast forward past boring clips.
  • Only the friends of the video’s creator or contributors can collaborate.
  • If you post your Riff video to Facebook, all contributors will automatically be tagged.
  • You can moderate any videos you create and delete any clips you don’t want.

Currently, Facebook has no plans to monetize Riff, but if the app takes off, video ads may be added in the future.


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