Fake news appears in Trending Topics hours after Facebook replaces humans with robots


Facebook had a nasty shock recently when their new Trending Topics algorithm filled up with fake news and even a story about masturbation!

In the past Facebook has come in for criticism for being too heavily censored and only showing conservative news.

This resulted in the human employees being fired and artificial intelligence taking over.

The new algorithm works by picking out keywords and topics that are being talked about.

Unfortunately for Facebook the topics picked up were fake, discussing masturbation or just containing swear words.

The most controversial story that was picked up was a fake piece about a Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly who had been reportedly sacked for declaring her allegiance to Hilary Clinton – this of course never happened.

The fact her name was deliberately misspelled led to it being shared more.

Facebook said that humans were still involved with trending to ensure that all stories were of a “high quality”.

The company added its people were there to ensure “a topic is tied to a current news event in the real world” – but if the past few days have been anything to go by then the current system doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

In the past the social media site had people pick out stories and small written descriptions and push them out to people’s Facebook.

These stories would then be submitted to an algorithm that would pick out the stories that most people were talking about or had expressed an interest in.


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