Fake Pokemon Go app hits number one in the Thailand App Store


Before Pokémon Go has even been released in the country people downloading a fake app for the game have already made it number one on the Thai App Store.

It has surpassed popular apps such as Joox, Facebook and even Line in a matter of days.

The cover of the app looks genuine but inside it is clear that it is not.

Still, it received top 5 star rating from the majority of users with some who believed it was actually the real deal, according to MacThai.

It is available under the name “Pokémon Go: New Version For Free App Game” produced by Kiloo Stack.

Pokémon Go: New Version For Free App Game

Image: MacThai

Game fans thought the real version of the game was coming in a matter of days but have been left disappointed after it was confirmed Pokemon Go won’t be officially released in Thailand until September, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Last week, security experts warned Android users about the risks in downloading fake Pokemon Go apps that are available from third party or unofficial app stores.

Some of the these apps have been found to contain malware which cyber criminals are using to infect smartphones, steal personal data and account information and carry out ransomware attacks.

While a fake Pokemon Go app may have reached the top of the App Store charts in Thailand, the official version of the app has been downloaded more times in the first week of its release than any other app in history, Apple confirmed on Sunday, although official download figures are yet to be released.

The official Pokemon Go created by Niantic app was launched on July 5th in the US, Australia and New Zealand. It is now available to download free of charge in more than 30 countries and was most recently released in Japan on July 22nd.

Source: MacThai


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