How far can you drive after the low fuel warning light comes on?


No one knows your car better than you, right?

So when that fuel warning light comes on you are sure you can squeeze some etc kilometers out of it before you should fill up.

But exactly how much further after the warning light comes on can you go before you run out fuel completely? 5, 10, 15 kilometres?

Of course, due to all the variables involved there is no definitive answer.

Fuel consumption is determined by a range of factors, such as your driving style, road conditions, temperature, engine size, traffic, and the make and model of your car.

However, there are few online tools that can help you a rough idea of how far you can drive after the fuel warning light comes.

US based website YourMechanic put together a table of popular cars listing how much fuel is left in the tank when the warning light comes on and estimated miles remaining.

However, the data was from 2016 and features many cars that aren’t available in Thailand.


We’ve also put together our own list of estimated mileage when the fuel light comes on for cars that are popular in Thailand.

The figures are from driver data inputted on the website

It should be noted that all the figures here should be used as rough guide. We accept no responsibility if you run out of fuel!

The best advice is to always make sure you have enough fuel to get you to wherever you are going. The fuel warning light is there for a reason – pay attention to it!

Make Model Estimated miles remaining (km)
CR-V 38 (61km)
HR-V 20 (32)
Accord 46 (74)
Civic 43 (49)
Jazz 28 (45)
Yaris 40 (64)
Vios 40 (64)
 Camry  43 (69)
Hilux Revo 37 (60)
Pajero Sport 33 (53)
Triton 45 (72)
Note 49 (79)
Juke 42 (68)
X-Trail 36 (58)
Fiesta 38 (61)
Ranger 35 (56)
Focus 42 (68)
Mazda3 35 (56)
Mazda2 41 (66)
Captiva 28 (45)
Trailblazer 28 (45)
Forester 37 (60)
Swift 50 (80)
Ciaz 43 (69)

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