Here’s what would happen if North Korea and the United States started dropping nuclear bombs


As two outspoken and self absorbed world leaders send us ever closer to war, a fascinating website details what would happen in North Korea and the United States started dropping nuclear bombs.

The website NukeMap has lit up social media this week following North Korea’s threat that it will launch a missile strike on Guam and President Trump promising to reign “fire and fury” on North Korea.

Its creator Alex Wellerstein Tweeted about the sudden surge in activity on the site this week.

NukeMap works by letting you select a location for a nuclear attack and the yield of the weapon used to estimate the total number of fatalities and casualties, as well as the radiation effects of the explosion.

Image: NukeMap.

According to the site, it North Korea dropped the same size bomb it tested in 2013 on Guam it would create a huge fireball which would have a maximum radius of 150 metres.

Radiation which could have 90 percent mortality rate would spread up to 6 kilometres. Most residential buildings would collapse and thermal radiation would mean that people within a 7.3 square kilometres would suffer third degree burns.

According to NukeMap, if a bomb the same size North Korea tested in 2013 was dropped on Guam, it would result in 2,180 deaths and 8,780 injuries.

However, if the United States was to drop the largest bomb in its arsenal on Pyongyang the devastation would be far greater.

NukeMap says that if the U.S. 1,200 kiloton B-83 bomb, more than one million people would be killed and nearly 850,000 injured.

But these stats are fairly small by comparison to if the largest USSR designed bomb was dropped on either Guam or Pyongyang.

If the ‘Tsar Bomba’, the largest hydrogen bomb ever made, was dropped on Guam the fatalities are estimated to be 135,000 and nearly 40,000 fatalities.

If the Tsar Bomba was dropped Pyongyang estimated fatalities would stand at 3.2 million, with an estimated 2.9 million injuries.

NukeMap allows for calculations anywhere and it is every bit as fascinating as it is disturbing whichever location you select on the map.


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