Fast 4G connections still elusive, but Thai operators’ speeds are improving: OpenSignal


Since OpenSignal’s last report in November, Thai mobile operators have been busy expanding the reach of their 4G networks and the company has refreshed their metrics, tracking the changes seen in the 3G and 4G performance of AIS (Advanced Info Service), DTAC (Total Access Communication) and TrueMove.

As the global standard for measuring real-world mobile-network experience, UK-based OpenSignal independently analyses and reports on consumers’ experience at the largest scale and frequency in the wireless industry: by operator and by country, regionally and worldwide.

The mobile analytics insights are used across the industry by operators, telecoms regulators and analysts.

Two billion individual measurements are made every day from tens of millions of smartphones worldwide at all hours of the day.

For this particular report, more than 1.1 billion data-points were collected from 117,309 users during the period January 1 to March 31 in Thailand.

Finding 4G signals in Thailand is hardly a problem, but fast 4G connections still remain elusive, the analysis found.

In OpenSignal’s latest test results, all three major operators averaged LTE (long-term evolution) speeds below the global mobile average of 16.9Mbps from its recent “State of LTE” report.

But the good news is that speeds are improving

Results show both AIS and TrueMove increased their 4G speed slightly over the last six months, though TrueMove took OpenSignal’s 4G speed award with an average LTE download of 11.6Mbps.

In addition, tested overall speeds improved for all three operators as 4G availability increased.


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