Fault with iPhone X means users can’t see who is calling them


A number of iPhone X users have complained that their that their new devices don’t display who is ringing them saying that the phone vibrates and rings but the screen doesn’t turn on.

This means that users have no idea whether they should answer the call, not knowing if it is a spam or malicious call.

Writing on Apple’s forum last month, one user said: “When receiving incoming calls on iPhone X, it only rings and vibrates, there is no display on screen.”

Another said: “The iPhone X screen does not come on till the third ring but the sound is fine. After three rings the screen shows the caller.

“After switching off and on the phone the problem goes away but again repeats after a few days.”

Apple recommended to multiple users that they should reinstall the phone’s operating system as a way of fixing the bug.

However, it appears not to have solved the problem.

Following an attempted fix in December, one user said: “After a few days the problem has again started recurring.

“When I switch off and on the phone, the problem goes away, but starts after again after a few days.”

The device was only launched in November last year and has been beset by a number of issues that have impacted on sales with the company now slashing sales forecasts.

As a result, shares in the world’s most valuable company have dropped. The iPhone X2 is expected to be launched later this year in an attempt to revive sales.

So far, Apple has made no comment.


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