FBI officially blames North Korea for Sony hack


The FBI has formally accused the government of North Korea for the hacking of Sony Entertainment Pictures.

Following an investigation, the FBI concluded that there could also have been Chinese involvement in the cyber attack.

In a statement released on Friday, the FBI said that analysis of the malware data used showed links to other malware the FBI knows has has been developed by North Korea. The FBI also said some of the IP addresses which were used to hack Sony were the same as ones used in previous cyber attack attempts on computer networks in South Korea and the US.

Whilst it was claimed the American authorities had been accusing North Korea privately for the Sony hack for some time, this is the first time the rogue state is being officially blamed.

It is also the first time that possible Chinese involvement has been officially made public.

While the FBI believes the attack was carried out by North Korea, it is suspected that it may have been done so with the help of the China in some capacity, either by using Chinese hackers, or using Chinese servers in order to hide the origin of the attack.

However, security experts have claimed that it is unlikely North Korea is behind the Sony hack.

Despite not revealing too many details on the attack, in its statement released earlier, the FBI claims that some of the code used in the cyber attack was written on computer with Korean language and locale.

However, that probably makes it even less likely there was North Korean involvement as the traditional Korean language is actually banned in the North Korea, according to Marc Rogers, an analyst with online security firm Cloudflare.

Also, the location of any computer can easily be changed before the code was distributed, Rogers wrote.

It remains to be seen how the US will respond to the attack and take action against North Korea.

Currently the US has strict trade sanctions in place against North Korea, and a military response is unlikely.

Even if the FBI was able to identify the individual hackers involved, it is unlikely they would ever see the light of day in a US courtroom.

If the US was then to try and launch its own counter-attack against North Korea, whilst this may have some short term success, it is likely to only add further fuel to the fire and could also encourage Pyongyang to launch more attacks on other targets in the US.

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  1. Pattaya Bobb on

    Is this a news or opinion piece? What do you base he last sentence/paragraph upon?

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  3. Don Aleman on

    I think President Obama should authorize purchase of ” The Interview” give it free to all TV broadcasters to be screened, also free, everywhere in the world. Should N. Korae react with an act of war – nuke em !

  4. @james sorry can not: that would be a violation of free speech ,that America pretends to exist in the States. not allowed.
    btw, don’t believe too much of what the FBI sais, remember their story on Irak ? or their story on their friendly interogation on Irak prisoners, and the use of foreign prisoners as the treatment would not be allowed in the States.

  5. James Baker on

    Way off topic. This isn’t about “Irak.”

    The US invented and owns the internet, bad boy. It controls all of the authoritative DNS servers. Shut them down and the internet stops. It would be easy to block traffic to all of N. Korea. (Or London or Sydney.)

    Put that in your smipe and poke it.

    Source: Me, Microsoft Certified Systems (worldwide internet) Engineer AKA MCSE.

  6. @james,
    no my post is not off topic, it talks about whether or not to shut the internet.
    But You are right, I should have said “should” in stead of can; to preserve a free speech, which is not the State’s strong point.
    Be careful what You say here as AKA MCSE as it is all read by the NSA, etc.
    Though the States build up the internet and managed the DNS system , does not give them, now in 2014, the right to bully themselves in shutting part of a system that has become since the 80’s of last century a vital worldwide utility, if they feel a little un-ease. The States bully already too much with their arrogance of being a big power house.
    I think btw that many countries see this american danger, and I would not be surprised if in future competing “internet” systems appear, separated from the USA controlled and checked system.

    the other line, I do luckily not understand, but I fear that will not be language that you would normally use in a church 🙂

    I do know that your post is not on Irak, a country that has been devastated by the States over the last decade, it is about NK. I just gave an advice “do not believe too much of the FBI”, and as example I used the Irak mistake.

    on source: ME, is one if not the worst O.S. of Microsoft.
    and the other qualifications looks very similar to Edward Snowden’s.

  7. thanks, that would be nice.
    If not, be sure that not too long there will be torrents around to view The Interview.

  8. James Baker on

    You can’t spell Iraq and I never mentioned the OS ME. I used the capital M and lower case e, as in the source is Me, myself and I.

    21 countries participated in the war in Iraq. Tony Blair and Great Britain provided about 1/3 of the troops for the invasion. But the blind see it as a US war. How dumb is that?

    Back to shutting down the internet. It can’t be separate entities with separate authoritative DNS servers or people wouldn’t be able to reach just any country. It has to be the WWW to work. Everyone has to be able to reach every website or send email to anyone or it loses its usefulness.

    Think of a DNS server as a telephone book. I know your name but not your phone number so I look up the number in the book. Names don’t work on the telephone. Domain names don’t work on the internet either. Only IP addresses (think telephone numbers) work.

    So when you type in http://www.google.com, that request for that page goes to a DNS server which returns google’s IP address to your computer. Then your computer seamlessly restates the request as an IP address. Without authoritative, replicating DNS servers containing all web sites and their correct IP addresses available to everyone, it all shuts down.

    When any new web domain name is created and a new web site put into place, it must be “registered in DNS” before anyone including google can find it.

    DNS. Domain Name Server.


  9. can’t see my previous post, but no doubt the moderator will approve that one.
    I spelled Irak, correct , be it not in English. Thanks for the explanation on Me; was not expected that you promoted yourself.
    Tony Blair followed , of course , what else could he do? he is a “blind
    follower of fashion” and a little bullying from Bush brought him
    quickly on his knees. Seems the MI5,6,7 had as little and wrong
    information as FBI and CIA. So I guess that majority of people see it as
    and American war , yes, in the end it was as a revenge for the
    terrible attack on New York and the Pentagon, pretty much the hart of
    the States.

    your conclusion “it cant be separate entities” is not correct; only if you think that the american www. system is the only possible. Think proper outside the indoctrination of the States !

    Lets assume that 80% of the world countries are fed
    up with the States, and that time may come, maybe sooner then later as
    the american people don’t have to many friends left. So these countries
    form a “AWW.” system. Have their own servers, own optical cables, (I
    understand that Brazilia has already plans), own DNS, so actually make a
    complete parallel internet system not connected to the american www
    one. Of course it will take a lot of effort and cost a lot of money,
    but it is possible. Now companies cannot afford to loose trade in 80%
    of the world, with 95% of worldpopulation, so eagerly the companies
    will join the new AWW (Alternative WorldWeb). And so do many more, such
    that in 10 years from now the AWW net is passing the www net in size
    and commercial and personal interests, and of course the gate-keeper of
    AWW will keep a tight control on the DNS library to prevent americans to

    Now your explanation of DNS server is a little outdated as a telephone book is a static write up, of names and tel. numbers. However the dynamic of the internet makes the telephone book outdated before th ink could dries up . But e.g. for me, there is a new IP address with each powercut , and we have daily multiples during the rainy season reduced to multiples weekly now. So I have many IP addresses . And than I am not even talking about VPN connections or the TOR system or the Tribler system of connecting to the internet.

    True I still find it amazing that I still can get connected to the websites I like to visit.

    Still I think it is childish from america to shut down the NK internet for 9
    hrs early today. That is preventing free speech and not in line with the
    main principles of what was believed to be american principles.

    It is getting time the control on the Internet goes to a more responsible party; it is long overdue.

  10. James Baker on

    You really don’t understand the internet. You probably have a dynamic IP address because your ISP has a limited number of IP’s in its block of IPs, and assigns you one every time you log on, and releases it if you log off. Then it can give it to someone else who logs on.

    But web sites have to have a static IP address which never changes or they couldn’t be found. That IP is registered in DNS and you can visit the web site with just the IP. Paste this into your browser’s address bar:

    and you’ll get google.

    http://WWW.google.com is for people. is for actual internet traffic.

    Now, other countries couldn’t manage if they tried to run a parallel web. They’d lose all of the American technology, web sites… There wouldn’t be much to see on the internet without American web sites. That’s not to mention all of the fiber optic cables that criss cross the oceans and the satellite links.

    Businesses and people couldn’t do business on the internet and they’re not about to cut off American trade.

    Stop kidding yourself.

    What should happen is that America should cut off N. Korea’s internet.

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  12. FBI now admit hack was an inside job, and not North Korea, Will USA apologise ?

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