Final design of the iPhone 8 may have been accidentally leaked by case manufacturer


The iPhone 8 may not be available yet but a case for it is!

A website in the UK posted an “Olixar iPhone 8 full cover tempered glass screen protector”, allowing iOS users to place a pre-order.

The image of the screen protector seems to confirm many of the rumours regarding the final design of the iPhone 8, although Apple may not be too pleased!

According to the website MobileFun, “This ultra-thin full cover curved tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Features complete edge to edge screen protection for black phones.”

One of the most notable features about the screen protector is that it is “3D compatible”

“With the iPhone’s awesome 3D touch capability, it’s important to have a screen protector that will not hinder this function,” MobileFun explained in the description.

“Well, rest assured that not only will this screen protector allow you to use 3D touch as you would normally but regular touchscreen accuracy is also unaffected.

“So not only can you enjoy superb protection, you can use your iPhone as you would without the screen protector fitted too!”

Image: Mobile Fun

Apple have been extremely secretive about their new 10th anniversary device but this screen protector fits with the all the latest rumours.

The images from the MobileFun site come just a few days after another set of images were revealed that also claim to give insight into the final design of the iPhone 8.

The images which first appeared on Reddit claimed to come from an ‘industry insider’ and showed the full screen display which will reportedly be included on the new iPhone.

However, prominent Apple site AppleInsider believe that the images unveiled could be fake as they appear to show the CE safety logo that has never appeared on any Apple device before.

Once again, we will have to wait and see what it looks like when Apple actually unveils the device!


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