How to have a better chance of finding your lost Android phone


This handy tip lets you place your contact details on your lock screen.

If you’ve ever lost something of real importance such as your wallet, watch or mobile phone, then you know how frustrating it can be. That initial feeling when you it’s gone is terrible.

But if you’ve ever been lucky enough to have something you’ve lost returned to you, you’ll know that there are few better feelings of relief than when you get the call to return your lost property.

Lets be honest, in this day and age it’s probably unlikely that someone would return an expensive smartphone or tablet, but before we right off humankind altogether, how about making it as easy as possible for someone to return your lost Android phone should you ever misplace it.

If you have an Android device, the good news is there is a really simple way of doing this that may just result in your lost Android phone being returned to you.

This simple but handy little tip let’s you place your contact details on the lock screen of your Android device.

The way of doing this is really pretty simple and shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds or so setup.

1. First of all, press the system setting icon on your phone.

How to have a better chance of finding your lost Android phone

2. Next, head down to Security and select Owner Info.

Finding your lost android phone

 3. You then need to click the tick box that reads ‘show owner info on lock screen’.

From here fill in the necessary contact details.

tips to find your lost android phone


At this point, it’s probably not a good idea to put any confidential information, but perhaps your first name and a contact telephone number would be acceptable.

Or you could even just add a telephone number in there, perhaps your home or office number.

Maybe you just put an email address, it’s really up to you, just use your common sense.

Once you’ve added your contact info, exit out of the system settings and you’re good to go.

The next time you see your lock screen it should display the contact details you entered earlier.

So if you ever misplace your Android smartphone then fear not, as perhaps all is not lost.

Do you have any tips like this on finding your lost Android phone?

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*We tested this tip out on a Google Nexus 5 and Google Nexus 10 both running Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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