Firefox is to replace Google with Yahoo as its default search engine


It has been announced that from December 2014, Firefox is to replace Google with Yahoo as its default search engine, according to a post on the Mozilla blog.

The move signals an end to a decade long partnership between internet giants Google and the Mozilla Foundation, who is responsible for the Firefox web browser.

Question marks had been raised about the sustainability of such partnership ever since Google launched Chrome back in 2008. Since then, Google Chrome has gone onto become the worlds most used browser, taking a large portion of users from Firefox.

That said, Firefox users still account for more than 100 billion search requests each year and is currently the third most popular web browser behind Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, respectively.

Recent months has seen what appears to be a big push by Yahoo to improve its search function and to try and become a stronger force in mobile browsing, which is where Google has grown significantly in the past few years thanks to its Android operating system.

In addition to dropping Google initially in the United States, Mozilla will start to use Yandex as its search engine in Russia and Baidu to its users in China. However, it remains unclear if Google will continue to be the default search engine in countries other than the US, China and Russia.

Firefox users who still wish to use Google search will be able to do so by selecting this option from a drop down located in the centre of the browser, according to some new features released in the Firefox’s beta channel.

What do you think about the news? Do you think Firefox users will be pleased to use Yahoo as their default search engine? What do you think the impact of this will be on Google?

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  1. I have used FF since day one and never thought of using another.
    I have also used Google from day one, same feelings.
    I also used Yahoo from day one, dropped it, started using it a few years later, dropped it and have not picked it back up.
    I’ll continue to use FF but Yahoo will not be my choice of Search Engines, in my opinion, they all have let the almighty buck gone to their heads.
    It is what it is, hell I remember using DogPile for a Search engine before Google came along and before that it was “let my fingers” do the searching.
    Back in the mid 90’s I worked for an R&D firm near Dartmouth and there was an employee hired specifically to nothing but be our search “engine”, lol.

  2. Does anyone else remember when using Yahoo search required a paid subscription?

    And now that they’ve been blown away by free sites they want me back?

    There is a reason that Google became a verb and Yahoo didn’t.

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