Firefox will soon tell you if a website has been hacked


The Firefox internet browser will soon have the facility to warn browsers if the site they are viewing has been hacked.

It is presently in the prototype phase – as detailed on the code repository GitHub – an engineer said it will tell users when “their credentials have possibly been involved in a data breach”.

In its current build the add-on is “limited to showing a notification bar when you visit a site known by to have been breached,” Mozilla’s Nihanth Subramanya said in a blog post.

Mozilla recently confirmed the development via an update writing: “We’ve started working on integrating warnings into Firefox.” is a data breach notification site built and maintained by Australian cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt and he too confirmed the collaboration.

“We’re looking at a few different models for how this might work, the main takeaway at present is that there’s an intent to surface data about one’s exposure directly within the browser.”

Image: Bleeping Computer

An image was published by Bleeping Computer showcasing a banner pop-up on Firefox. In this case, it showed LinkedIn, a site that had previously had a major data breach.

Reacting to the positive reaction to the news online, Hunt tweeted: “As many people have now worked out, yes, we’re doing some awesome things with @mozilla and @haveibeenpwned.”

He added: “Surprised at how much positive feedback this is garnering so quickly.”

At this stage, it is unclear if any of the other major browsers will follow suit.

However, with the number of security breaches being constantly on the rise it seems that the move by Mozilla is a step in the right direction.

The news comes after Mozilla released Firefox Quantum, it’s new super fast web browser which claims to be three times faster than Google Chrome.


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