First public beta of iOS 11 has been released – here’s how to install it


While it had only previously been available to developers, Apple have released the first public beta of iOS 11, the next version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad.

IOS 11 is due to be released in September but if you can not wait that long, you can try it out right now.

It is fair to say that you should think before deciding whether you actually want to download the beta version as there are a few downsides but of course there are many benefits.

The benefits include the dock that closely resembles that on the MacBook, a file app and a drag-and-drop functionality along with improve camera features for both iPhone and iPad users including ‘Long Exposure’ and increased versatility when it comes to ‘Live Photos’.

The App Store has also been updated as well as maps of indoor places such as airports in Apple Maps.

However, there is a downside so backing up your device is essential before you even consider downloading the beta.

Some of the third-party apps will not work properly and there likely to be other glitches, after all, you are testing the product before it goes on general release, but overall early reports claim it is pretty stable, but maybe it shouldn’t be risked on your primary device.

So, if you are prepared to give it a go, here is how you access it.

Firstly log in to and sign up with your Apple ID. You then need to enrol your device at which point you will be reminded to back it up.

Once you have done the iOS backup you then need to download the configuration profile by going to, It’s quite straightforward to this point and there are on screen instructions.

Once you have done these processes you then need to update the iOS 11 public beta by going to: Settings > General > Software Update.

You have now successfully installed the public beta!


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