Fitbit Can Now Be Used With Multiple Devices


Fitbit has released a very important update for users. Anyone that has an account will now be able to use multiple Fitbit devices all on one account. This allows users to be able to track their information all in one account, instead of spread over multiple accounts. For example, users that use Fitbit Flex and Surge can have all of their data stored on one central account.

The company has been searching for ways to turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers. The ability to track all data points on one account is a step in the right direction. Many of the company’s products are geared toward specific tasks. The Fitbit watch is a little larger and not something that users will want to wear all the time. The watch may be used when at work, while the Surge is better suited for gym goers because it’s much smaller.

Fitbit has been producing more products that are discreet. The Flex and Zip, for example, are smaller in size, but they also lack some of the features that Surge offers. It’s part of the company’s goal to further expand sales to their current user base.

The update is expected to be released by the end of the week.



  1. In this whole article I never saw an explanation of what a “Fitbit” is or does. I could infer a couple things from the article, but this article would have been much better with a quick introduction at the top of exactly what this thing is and does.

  2. Jacob Maslow on

    I included a large picture of the device on top, but unfortunately, didn’t include a caption. I will correct that error.

  3. I’m a fairly tech savvy person and a programmer. If I haven’t heard of a
    “Fitbit” then most people probably haven’t. Anyway, I assume it has
    something to do with fitness and I get that from the name? The picture
    gave me no clue as to what it was or did, aside from looking like it
    goes on your wrist.

  4. ChrisWard99 on

    The self proclaimed ‘tech savvy person’ who hasn’t heard of Fitbit. Can’t be that tech savvy in all honesty.

    My Mrs has a fitbit, uses it to keep track of how many steps she’s taken each day and when she’s running in the gym.