Firefox blocks Flash by default, cites security flaws


Mozilla, the company behind the fairly popular Firefox web browser, has blocked all versions of Adobe Flash in Firefox by default, after the discovery of numerous critical security flaws in the platform.

The news came as March Schmidt, head of Firefox Support, announced the change on Twitter this week.

Flash blocked in Firefox

This news comes just one day after Facebook’s chief security honcho Alex Stamos called for moves to make Flash extinct, as the plugin is said to be responsible for spreading malware on users’ systems via various security exploits.

Three large vulnerabilities in Flash were discovered when more than 400 GB of security firm Hacking Team’s documents and source code were leaked on the Internet. Adobe said it’s aware of the problems and is working on a fix this week.

Flash Blocked in FirefoxMozilla is also trying out something called Shumway, a HTML5 renderer for the Flash format that’s used for playing Flash files.

With such a major browser blocking the plugin by default and considering alternatives, perhaps it’s already too late for Adobe to stop its ageing Flash format from going the way of the dodo sooner rather than later.



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  1. you know , it has big advantages if flash is blocked, apart from stopping one way of malware entering your computer. As it stops also all the advertisements video’s , the pages loading faster now.
    only some pages look odd, as big open empty white spots spoil the screen.