Flipboard Offers a Sneak Peek into Their App Designed for Apple Watch


The introduction of Apple Watch has the tech world buzzing with excitement. One company that has already started to leverage the smartwatch is Flipboard. Known for being a social magazine app, Flipboard has announced that they are developing an app for Apple Watch with more details to be announced by the end of the week.

Flipboard is currently available on all major mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows. The company also has a web version of their app available.

Apple Watch’s small screen is a concern for users. At the moment, Flipboard allows users to read long-form content including pictures, news stories and social media updates in an easy, intuitive way. The app will be tweaked for Apple Watch’s small screen, providing short, brief pieces of content instead of the long content versions that have made Flipboard a success.

The company explains that users will be able to read summaries of news stories and then click on the story if they want to read the full version. Using the “Handoff” feature, the story would be sent to the wearer’s smartphone where the full version will be displayed.

Flipboard has announced that the top 10 stories, based on the wearer’s chosen topic categories, will be displayed on the watch’s screen. Users will be able to interact with their normal Flipboard magazine and add stories directly through the watch. Sharing stories with friends will also be possible.

Users can scroll through long stories right from their watch, but Flipboard has taken the safe approach. No one knows what to expect from Apple Watch users as many testers have stated that they’ve read long articles right on the watch’s screen. If users are comfortable with reading on their watch, Flipboard may offer the option to read entire stories right on your wrist.


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