How flying a drone in Thailand could land you in jail


Thai public register more than 8,000 drones as deadline passes

The deadline for people to register their drones with the Thai authorities has now passed. From today, anyone caught flying an unregistered drone could face years in jail.

On Tuesday, the head of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission said that 8,391 people have registered drones in the first three months.

Registration began on October 12th and the figures were up to Tuesday, said NBTC secretary Thakorn Tanthasit.

Just under half of these registrations were at the central office with a similar number in provincial offices. Some 706 drones were registered with the Civil Aviation authority, an alternative way to register.

The figures are expected to rise as the police have yet to report figures of drones registered with them, reported Daily News.

Drone users who failed to meet the January 9th registration deadline face severe penalties if they are caught flying their drone in Thailand.

Officials have said that anyone flying an unregistered drone in Thailand could face up to 5 years in jail and/or a fine of 100,000 baht.

The new regulations affect all types of drones apart from “unmanned aerial vehicles under 250g” and apply to Thai nationals and tourists alike.

People using drones for commercial purposes in Thailand also have to have valid insurance.

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