Food, beer and hookers: Here are the most Googled things in Thailand


Cost estimation site Fixr recently released an infographic detailing the most popular Google searches related to cost for each country around the world.

The study is based on results returned in Google’s autocomplete function, which Google says provides suggestions based on the most popular searches by other users in any given country.

Fixr searched for “How much does * cost in ( X country)” in order to find out the most Googled for items according to Google Autocomplete.

Now whilst Google Autocomplete results can also be determined by a user’s own search history, the data compiled by Fixr should probably not be considered all that scientific.

With that being said, Fixr’s cost obsession data is still pretty interesting and informative, if not all that surprising, especially when looking at the search results for the most Googled things in Thailand.


According to the data, Google users in Thailand were most interested in finding out the cost of a prostitute.

For the record, our own research revealed that as well as prostitution, food and beer also featured as some of the most popular searches.

Most Googled items in Thailand

Some of the popular searches from users in Thailand’s neighbouring countries also made for interesting reading.

With the exception of Myanmar, where most users searched for things related to travel, beer and prostitutes were also among the top searches in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

In Malaysia, users were most interested in searching Google to find out the cost of a tattoo, whilst the cost of hiring a maid was the most searched in Singapore.

Around the world, some of the equally most interesting and perhaps troubling findings are as follows:

  • In Russia, most people want to know the cost of a flight in an MIG fighter jet
  • In India, people want to know the cost of a cow
  • In Australia, the price of IVF tops the list
  • In Iran, it’s the price of a kidney
  • In Mauritania in north Africa, the cost of a slave came out first in Google Autocomplete

Here the results in detail by each continent:

















Source: Fixr


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