Football fans in Thailand warned of World Cup cyber threat


Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cyber security solutions, has cautioned ardent football fans in Thailand to stay vigilant against cyber-attacks during the FIFA World Cup 2018 Tournament.

“Large-scale international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup are major cyber-attack targets, even for ordinary individuals,” said Gavin Chow, Network and Security Strategist for Fortinet Asia Pacific.

“Hackers know that amid the excitement in watching the latest action or learning the latest scores, computer users often forget common sense and neglect safe computing habits.”

Fortinet expects a spike in online scams and phishing attacks as the world’s greatest football show gets underway.

It offers five security tips to survive cyber threats during FIFA World Cup 2018 including: be careful where you view live coverage, watch out for phishing attacks, beware of online retailers offering discounted tickets or cheap merchandise, keep software updated, and avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots.


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