Force Touch and pink rumoured for iPhone 6s


Apple is apparently planning to bring its Force Touch technology to the next version of the iPhone, the Wall Street Journal says. The technology was first introduced in the Apple Watch when it was revealed last September, then made its way to the latest MacBook model (and MacBook Pro 13-inch) during the recent “Spring Forward” event.

Force Touch senses how hard you press, may appear on iPhone 6s

It’s not in fact the first time that we’ve learned the next iPhone will support Force Touch. Even back in 2014, there were rumours that Apple was aiming to use improved pressure sensors for use in the iPhone.

iPhone 6s Pink Force TouchWhen the first iPhone was released with its multi-touch display in 2007, it was of course only a matter of time before the same technology appeared in the MacBook. Bringing Force Touch to the iPhone after launching first on the Apple Watch and MacBook is in line with Apple’s product history.

The same Wall Street Journal report says that a new colour option could be available in September, so that users can buy a pink version of the phone, and possibly getting rid of the colourful options found in the iPhone 5c. Apparently, the pink colour is only in testing currently, and may not make it to the final product.

Other capabilities of the iPhone 6s, such as the design and display sizes, should remain the same as the previous version of the iPhone, although it’s expected to include 2 GB of RAM this time around, up from the 1 GB found in the iPhone 6, and may also ship with the multi-carrier Apple SIM that was first released in the iPad Air 2 – that feature allows users to select the network of their choice without having to install a separate SIM card, as it’s all just built in.


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