Forget 4G – here comes 5G by 2021 and it won’t cost a baht more, claims Thai media


Thai Channel 7 reported that the chief of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission said that Thailand was gearing up for the era of 5G communications from 2021.

This will mean internet speeds of between 30 and 100 times faster than 4G, said Thakorn Tanthasit.

Thais’ internet usage is expected to continue to increase year on year.

While Channel 7 said that despite the improvements in speed costs for accessing the internet were not expected to rise when 5G comes in.

When it does finally arrive, 5G will not only be much faster than 4G, it will be so fast and so robust that users should never experience fluctuations in speed or connectivity.

5G will completely revolutionize online business and services and will drive unprecedented economic growth, experts have claimed.

It also will offer users a completely seamless experience. Users will no longer have to wait for things to download, you will just click on a file and it will be there almost instantly.

The news comes after a report this week found that 4G speeds in Thailand still lag behind much of the world.

According to Open Signal’s State of LTE February 2018 report, Thailand has an average 4G speed of just 9.60Mbps, well below the global average of 16.9Mbps.

Thailand’s average 4G speed ranked it 84th place out of 88 countries surveyed.

Though disappointing it’s actually an improvement on the same study carried out in 2017, which found that Thailand had an average 4G speed of just 6.09Mbps.

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