Forget connected coffee machines, this smart mirror is something you’d actually want to use


We are all used to smartphones, smart TVs and pretty much smart everything else these days but here is something a little different – a smart mirror.

The smart mirror allows you to do your hair or put on your make up at the same time as watching TV and answering messages. As it is a smart mirror, it lets you catch up on the latest news and weather as well as watch videos all by using the touchscreen.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Rafael Dymek, the smart mirror’s designer, you can see exactly how the idea works and that it is based on the latest Apple OS.

Mr Dymek said: “I designed it after iOS 10 so it feels very familiar.”

One cunning feature of the mirror is that it goes into standby mode after 45 seconds of inactivity so no one would ever know that it was anything other than a standard mirror.

In the video Mr Dymek demonstrates how you can listen to music, watch TV, send messages and read the news via the mirror.

There has been a lot of interest in the mirror with one YouTube user commenting: “This is something I would actually use!,” while another added: “Add a camera and it would make taking selfies to a whole new level”.

As yet we have no idea if the mirror will ever go into production or how much it would cost but it is an interesting concept all the same.


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