Forget the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 – the future of smartphones is already here


With the launch of the iPhone X and the recent Galaxy S9, you would believe these to be at the forefront of modern-day technology, yet it appears a new phone has now become the future of smartphones.

Along with the Galaxy S9 and the new Sony Xperia XZ2, the Vivo Apex is one of the most exciting devices to be revealed at the recent Mobile World Congress show.

This stunning new entry into the Smartphone market features the world’s first complete bezel-free edge-to-edge display due to the clever innovation of a pop-up camera.

The bezel measure a meagre 1.8mm at the top and 4.3mm at the bottom meaning the Vivo Apex is all screen, but this means there is no space for a fingerprint scanner and more importantly a front-facing camera.

Vivo Apex

However, unlike the ugly notch that adorns the iPhone X, the Vivo Apex keeps everything hidden. The phone includes a fingerprint scanner that works through the glass screen so a simple press of your finger will unlock the device; another nice feature is you can place your finger on a good area of the screen to unlock as opposed to a fixed area.

The fingerprint scanner is not the only feature hidden under the screen, the device will use new speaker technology will allow the glass to resonate the sound when your ear is placed next to the phone.

The eureka moment of the device has to be the new 8-megapixel pop-up camera for taking selfies, it automatically pops up when the selfie mode is selected in an impressive 0.8 seconds.

All the above sounds genius, but here is the catch, the Vivo Apex on show was merely a concept, meaning we will have to wait and see if the device actually makes it to market.


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