Forgot your password? Future Samsung phones to let you log in using your palm


South Korean tech giant Samsung has filed a patent for an application that can read the palm of your hand, Engadget has reported.

The new concept would replace existing biometric systems such as fingerprint scanners of facial recognition. The downside is that it can only be used to offer hints if you forget your password.

At present, these types of hints are usually from a security question but this is certainly not infallible – especially if someone knows you or has taken the time to research you.

However, something on the lines of this new idea would use the unique pattern of the lines on your palm and use them to offer hints in form of incomplete characters.

The action would be performed by the rear sensor on your device to analyse the lines on your hand and then authenticate them.

The patent application system offers no details about the depth system that Samsung would use, but it would be safe to assume that the company is looking at something more complex than a simple photograph – which has proved to have led to several security breaches in the past.

Assuming that Samsung manages to pull this one off, it would lead to a new authentication system.

However, whether it will ever be used for anything more than password hints is unclear and there is certainly no mention of this in the patent.

As we have seen in the past, a patent application certainly doesn’t mean that the concept will ever come to fruition and it is something that companies such as Samsung and Apple do frequently.


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