FRAUD ALERT: Chrome users warned of fake ‘free movie’ links


Users of Google Chrome beware the lure of free movie links that are currently spamming the Chrome Web Store.

The Chrome Web Store has a plethora of apps, extensions and themes that gives users extra functionality for the world’s most popular browser.

But recently the store has been home to some fake updates from unknown third parties offering an alleged ‘free movies’ link using the theme section of the store.

How it works is that each theme is associated with recent high profile movies such as Avengers Infinity War, Black Panther and Ready Player One and offers a download link for the aforementioned.

The themes boast access to a ‘full HD online 4K’ version, however, that is not the case!

After a user downloads a theme they are directed to a platform called, at first the site appears to be a legitimate streaming site, but when clicking on a video link users are again directed to yet another site called Zumastar, Torrent Freak reported.

If the user has ventured this far they will be asked to create a free account promising access to unlimited downloads and streams. But again another redirection takes them to a site called which is a domain that has been blocked by Malwarebytes due to suspected fraudulent activities.

Recent bad luck stories from users include having money taken from their credit card accounts, and with the theme for Avengers Infinity War being downloaded 1,134 times along with Black Panther at 1,823 times, we can expect a few more bad luck stories!


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