Free Microsoft Office alternative OpenOffice may be about to close


OpenOffice, the popular free alternative to Microsoft Office, could be forced to close down, according to its vice president.

OpenOffice, which offers a range of software similar to the likes of Word, Excel and Powerpoint could be about to close as it has been unable to find any more volunteer developers to work on the project.

Vice president David Hamilton told recipients of the project’s email list that a lack of manpower meant the team were no longer able to issue updates and fix security issues.

OpenOffice, which is used by millions of people around the world, is kept running by a community of developers who work for free.

However, the pool of available developers has shrunk considerably, with many developers choosing to switch to LibreOffice, another free Office alternative that has become more popular in recent years, and which is still capable of issuing updates and security fixes.

The situation with OpenOffice was made worse earlier this year when a security was flaw was found in the software and instead of issuing a fix, OpenOffice urged users to switch to LibreOffice or Microsoft Office.

Hamilton added that if OpenOffice should close its source code will be securely stored in case the project was ever to be resurrected in the future.


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