Free up storage space on your iPhone WITHOUT deleting any apps – here’s how


If you are running out of storage on your iPhone, you don’t have to start deleting apps in order to free up some space.

Simple hacks like tweaking your photo settings or removing old podcasts can free up enough amount of storage so that the need to delete apps should only be an absolute last resort.

Delete those old text messages


By default your iPhone permanently stores all the text messages you have ever sent or received, which is great in the unlikely event you need to look back over messages from a year ago but not so great if you are short on storage space.

Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages > and change the option from Forever to 30 days.

Stop saving two versions of every photo!

Did you know that if you shoot photos in HDR mode, your iPhone automatically saves two versions of the same photo: one in HDR , the other a normal photo. Stop this happening by going to:

Settings > Photos & Camera > toggle Keep Normal Photo off

Clear your web browser cache

Safari browser cache

A tried and tested way to free up space be it on your iPhone, laptop or desktop.

Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

Delete old podcasts and music

Deleting old podcasts is a great of way of freeing up storage space on your iPhone. You can remove podcasts by simply opening the Podcasts app and swiping left on a particular episode.

Alternatively go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Podcasts and remove any old shows you no longer listen to.

The same practice can be applied to any music you’ve downloaded.

Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Apple Music.

Then swipe left on any music you want to delete.

Delete your offline reading list

Safari reading list

Apple’s web browser, Safari, gives you the option to save web pages for offline reading for times when you may not have an internet connection. However, these saved web pages take up space and it’s a good idea to remove them once they have been read.

To remove items from you reading list go to Safari > Reading List > swipe left on the articles you want to delete.


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