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By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nation

Montessori Preschool launches a free application to encourage kids aged four and over to learn at home

Montessori, the school system that provides a child-centred approach to education, woos parents of preschool children with the Montessori Preschool app from Edoki Academy.

Available for iPad or iPhone, the learning tool covers colours, shapes, phonics, reading, counting, addition, subtraction and music.

The number of lessons on the free app is limited and parents wanting to take it further will need to pay a monthly or annual subscription to get full access.

The app is designed by certified Montessori teachers with years of classroom experience. The fun child-centred app is divided in four subjects: Maths, Early Literacy, Arts and Practical Life.

The app allows the child to play mini-games, interact with cute avatars and customise his or school using the points earned while playing.

The Maths curriculum covers learning to count, recognising numbers and tracing them from zero to 1 million. An introduction to addition and subtraction using Montessori materials is also available.

For example, in one lesson, a fairy tells the child to touch a castle and says one castle.

In the Early Literacy section, your kid will be exposed to sounds, which will train their ears to identify the sounds before giving them a name. In the Sandbox activity, the little one will hear how each letter sounds. When he or she taps letter “A”, the app will pronounce it.

In the Initial Sound activity, the game lets the child touch a picture and hear the word then select the letter with which the word starts.

The Arts class includes an introduction to colours (primary and secondary) as well as many games using colours and shapes. It also offers music games to discover pitches, rhythm and nursery rhymes.

In the Busy Shapes and Colours activity, the child can drag a circle, square, triangle to the correct hollow frame and hear their name read out.

The free version also provides a colouring book.

A fun song in the Interactive Wheels on the Bus activity invites the child to learn and play along with the nursery rhyme in the free version. For example, the song starts with “the wheels on the bus go round and round”. The child must touch the left front and left back wheel to earn stars and the song will move to the next rhyme.

n the Practical Life, your kid will find a range of activities like dusting, taking care of plants, cleaning a mirror or washing clothes. Montessori Preschool welcomes users in a digital school with lockers, a corridor full of daily responsibilities or discoveries.

In the free-activity School Infirmary, children will learn about basic first aid in school. And in the Chinese Classroom, which is also provided in the free version, your kid will learn Chinese words, such learning to count from one to 10 in Chinese and see how each number is written in the language.

I tried the app on an iPad Pro 10-inch and it played smoothly.

The app is free and the monthly subscription is Bt99 while the annual subscription is Bt699.

Key facts:

– Seller: Edoki Academy

– Size: 651.2 MB

– Category: Education

– Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Apple TV.

– Languages: English

– Age Rating: Rated 4+

– Price: Free


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