Galaxy A5 2018: Everyone’s favourite affordable Samsung phone set to include awesome feature


The new Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 will be launched next year and has been described at the “poor man’s Galaxy S8”.

The Galaxy A5 has reportedly already passed regularity approval ahead of its launch.

The new device will come complete with an Infinity Display similar to that which can be found on the S8 and Galaxy Note 8 devices.

The device has been spotted on Samsung’s official website by Roland Quandt which suggests that its launch is imminent.

As tends to be the trend with the A series models, it will be launched around the start of the year and the FCC has released some more details regarding the specs.

Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 with its Infinity Display

Along with the edge-to-edge screen, the device with come with a model number – A530N and a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. The sensor will be located below the rear camera and will come with a far superior camera to its predecessors.

The new A5 will have a 5.5-inch display with 1080 x 2160 MP resolution. It will have 4GB of RAM and will be powered using the Exynos 7885 processor and run the latest Android Oreo OS.

In addition to the A5, the company will also be working on the successors to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the new devices will, not surprisingly, be known as the S9 and S9+. Apart from some software and hardware differences, the device will be extremely similar to the S8.

The S9 will be powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. The S8 will likely come with Oreo with a beta version already available for the S8 and S8+ and the full version is expected to be released shortly. Perhaps interestingly, Samsung hasn’t revealed any further details about the upcoming smartphones.

Via: PhoneArena


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