Inserting the Galaxy Note 5 “S Pen” backwards causes permanent damage


It might sound obvious to most people that you shouldn’t insert the S Pen the backwards into the Galaxy Note 5, but many people who have accidentally been doing just that have found that they’ve caused permanent damage to their shiny new phone, as reported by

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen troubles

Samsung highlighted the S Pen heavily when the Note 5 was unveiled recently, featuring a spring-loaded mechanism to eject the pen, which also sits smooth and flush against the body. But a handful of Galaxy Note 5 users have noticed a design flaw with the design of the new slot: inserting the S Pen backwards (which is rather easy to do) can cause permanent damage to the device…

As you’d expect, the pointy end of the S Pen should be inserted first into the Note 5, but by shoving the wider end in first means it gets jammed in the device. With enough force, it can be removed, but the issue is that after you’ve removed it, the detection feature stops working.

When it does work as normal, S Pen detection launches a note taking app when pen is taken out even when the display is off. When powered on, the detection feature launches the S Pen menu whenever it’s removed. But after inserting it backwards, the detection simply doesn’t work.

The obvious solution is not to insert the S Pen backwards, however it’s a fairly common mistake (apparently) that will likely upset many Galaxy Note 5 users. The biggest issue is that the pen can be inserted backwards with the same force as the correct way round, so it’s incredibly easy to insert it incorrectly. Hopefully, Samsung will tweak the design to make it idiot-proof harder to insert backwards.



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